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Our professional treatment studio provides a safe and relaxing environment for your dog, where all of our treatments will make them feel and look their very best.

To improve our facilities we have invested in a custom built cabin in our own grounds which contains new top of the range equipment including a thermostatically controlled dryer cabinet. The studio has holding pens (not cages, but I do have cages if you would prefer your dog to be caged) so your dog can relax while they wait for their treatment, or afterwards when they are waiting for you.  If you prefer to wait whilst your dog is being groomed I do have a separate waiting area for you too.

The pictures show our bathing area with drying cabinet, treatment area all within our custom built cabin.

Please click on any image to see a larger version.

Lutterworth Dog Grooming Studio Picture 2Lutterworth Dog Grooming Studio Picture 1Lutterworth Dog Grooming

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Our customer waiting room

Lutterworth dog grooming customer waiting room

Our Feature Lampost

Lutterworth Dog Grooming Lampost

One of our puppy guests.

Grromed Dog Picture

A Show Dog - Professionally Groomed

Jacqueline Kennedy at Dog Show

This would never happen at our Studio! :-)

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